Unit 1: To Begin

My background before beginning the MFA course was as a performance artist and portrait artist. I worked in a company called ‘Seedsew’ which created durational, live, and audience participatory works using sound, improvisation and visual art. After moving to Berlin in 2010 I became interested in portraits, and started painting and drawing. Exhibiting and selling works in galleries in Berlin my passion for the fine arts grew and when I returned to the U.K in 2015 I wanted to explore this further.

When I started the MFA course I was keen to explore the potential of performance and fine art together and to combine my various interests within the course structure. During unit 1 of the course I made several works which were used as both stand-alone fine art pieces and as sites of performance.

I was keen to investigate childhood and the traumas experienced within childhood, this took the form of paintings, drawings, collages, toy like objects and installations.



I experimented with the use of different materials such as wood, metal, and found materials. Working in the wood workshop, metal workshop and print studio, I learnt some preliminary skills that enabled me to broaden my knowledge of making materials into art objects.  

During crits and during assessment it was noted that I had experimented a lot, but that I should also think about the quality and finish of my work. The finish and quality of my work has been an ongoing criticism, one which I agree with and have tried to refine over the duration of the course. I tend to form ideas very quickly and then fabricate with speed, this sometimes leaves the finished product lacking in quality and although I am interested in creating an ‘unfinished’ or ‘improvised’ look within my work, I recognise the need to really stay with one piece for a longer amount of time, to fully achieve a quality and symbiosis between materials. And furthermore, to really engage with and cultivate the semiotics of the work.