Crystalline blue sky and breeze

Like your eyes pierce naked trees


January leaves have turned to grey, paper shards between blades; Soon to rot down beneath feeding new growth of flower and leaf


A child passes, a scream of delight against this playground no longer in use; Now foxes, elves and fairies make their home here, in silent overgrowth of human play


Crystalline blue sky and breeze

Like your eyes pierce naked trees


And heavy moss covers the safety net where once they grazed knees and fell crying for help; A softer fall now nature has taken its course. 


Once were shrubs and small saplings; now heavy bushes and reaching trees have no use for attendance. 


Crows laugh at sight of a Tom cat, he prowls this patch every day; stalking the sand pit where castles once stood and the boy once played.


Crystalline blue sky and breeze

Like your eyes pierce naked trees

I always imagined a bee sting to be painful. But the pleasure of being penetrated by another living thing. That would die for your flesh.

I'm half awake


I imagine putting 12 mattresses on top of each other and setting them on fire. What is left are spring skeletons piled on top of each other. Like a huge spider web of metal coils. I fuse them together with a welder, so it makes a single form, a cage. I take wire cutters and like a surgeon begin to cut a hole in one end. Carefully removing pieces, burrowing into the form. I make a hole that is big enough for a human to enter. I keep burrowing until I reach its exact centre where I start to enlarge the hole outwards to create a perfect sphere in the cages centre. The mattresses serve their purpose again but in a different form. A cocoon. 

Be gone Masculinity be gone


Under Rock and stone you go

Rotting with earth worms below

No resting place now


The boy is in endless flight


No more sticks and stones 

No place here to call your home


Ceaseless, restless, maleness be gone, be gone



And that boy that fucked me and drank wine. I gave him I know why the caged bird sings.  He threw The Waves by Virginia wolf over my fence with a note on it that read, 'wanted to say I'm sorry. You deserve better. Hope to see you in another life'. I never saw him again.

In this reverie

There is sunshine pouring through branches

And a boy waiting in the hide

Subdued with the smell of farmland


In this reverie

There is a slow passage of time

And a boy playing at being a man

Passive with sweaty palms


In this reverie

There is an air riffle sat neatly between thighs

And a boy with his gaze fixed, no not fixed

Calmed with the call of a calf to its mother


In this reverie

There is an apple ready for eating

And a boy poised to leap

Anxious with noises from the woods behind


In this reverie

There is a breeze that flickers the leaves in the spinney

And a boy resting his back against an oak

Placated with the sound of the farm at work


In this reverie

There is a rabbit that bounces across the foreground

And a boy whose heart flickers with delight

Soothed with little clouds that remove the heat



In this reverie

There is a handful of steel bullets nested in a pocket

And a boy who watches for signs of life

Apprehensive with the smell of a distant fire


In this reverie

There is a flock of pigeons that pass in the background

And a boy who wishes he had moved his spot

Tentative with twitching sparrows who confuse the gaze


In this reverie

There is a distant voice calling

And a boy who remembers himself

Eager to please with dirty finger nails


In this reverie

There is a quickening of time

And a boy whose heart begins to race

Traversed with a black bird swinging on its axis


In this reverie

There is weapon shunted between a child’s hands

And a boy whose gaze is fixed, yes fixed

Soothed with the sensation of air


In this reverie

There is an apple bitten

And a boy salivating

Nervous with the scent of rotting earth


In this reverie

There is a black bird perched upon the branch

And a boy frozen in time

Patient with heads hanging


In this reverie

There is a barrel of metal pointed

And a boy sharpened by his senses

Frightful with the event of death approaching


In this reverie

There is one shot taken

And a boy who has encroached upon another life

Mindful with eyes lowered


In this reverie

There is a silence that ripples through

And a boy winded

Hushed with morbid energy

I awake Under the concrete cliff of a harbour, there is no way out.


The water is cold, dark and putrid.

All around me a sea; endless till the horizon.


The ocean is calm, no waves nor any current; the calm is masked by knowledge that it could swallow me whole.


The boarders flanked in pine forests and chalked cliffs.

Only to swim around the coastal shore; in twisted familiarity.


Endless swimming in freezing waters; the darkness sometimes undone by a street lamp which floats mid water, lost at sea.


I know where I am going, I have been here before; 

I reach an estuary, with its sides blanketed in reeds and farmland.

The swim is endless; there is no way out.


Occasionally Ii feel the bottom, with sinuous roots of water plants and rotting mud; my feet cannot rest here.


No doubt curious elves and mermen make their homes beneath. They reach up to grab my toes, wrapping their tentacles about me.


The journey goes on, a town is in the distance; hazy, phantoms, torch lit faces. There is no way out.