Judy! Judy! Judy!

Judy! Judy! Judy!- Installation, Benjamin Martin, 2017

In Wayne Koestenbaum’s , My 1980’s and other essays, there is a chapter called ‘Anna Moffo’s funeral. In it Koestenbaum highlights his obsession with Anna Moffo. This chapter made me wonder about my own obsessions, in particular my love affair with Judy Garland. I call it a love affair because I firmly believe that is what it is. Judy Garland ebbs in and out of my life like a lover who won’t stop calling.  

I have been fascinated, obsessed with Judy Garland for many years, her music touches me and her life is boundlessly interesting to me. The Wizard of Oz encapsulates the child that goes off into another world, one which is colourful and fantastical, one where scarecrows can speak and monkeys can fly! It is perhaps the ultimate reverie!

I wanted to try to explore this obsession within my work and so used CoCo’s room to test out some ideas. I curated the space with various works that I had been working on in the past months, and then played Garlands concerts and films within the space. This testing ground was a good opportunity to explore the possibilities of using Garland within my work in the future. However it also highlighted a real issue within my work, how do I integrate several art pieces together without them seeming disconnected and disparate within a space?

Further explorations of obsession