Skills employed:

  • scheduling 

  • planning

  • premier pro editing

  • interviewing artists

  • liasing with artist about their choosen questions and interview style

The MFA interviews were conceived by myself and Ines M. Ferreira. We wanted to create a platform for our fellow course mates to showcase their work. The interviews serve as a snippet into the artists practice, giving the viewer a route into the work.

This collaboration took many months of preparation, liaising with the artists to understand how they wanted to be interviewed and to schedule everyone in to be filmed. My previous experience with interviewing artists had taught me the importance of the artists themselves be involved in drafting of the questions being asked and in the style of the interview.

The editing process was slow and sometimes frustrating. Both Ines and I had some prior knowledge of working with editing programs, but we had to learn new techniques and spend many hours together processing the film footage.

The outcome of this project are interviews which can be used in our MFA show and used by the individual artists for their own websites and promotion. It was a pleasure to get a more in depth look in to each artists practice and helped my own practice by opening new dialogues around subjects beyond my own research.