For my installation “the room where the child sleeps” I wanted to create three child size beds, three sets of child size duvets and pillows, three dogs, and three wall tapestries. This was a huge commitment from the beginning and soon I realised I needed to scale back the installation, both to insure I could make everything on time and because less is sometimes more!

The making of the child’s beds took place in the wood workshops at Wimbledon college, for this I came with some drawings and measurements specific to the space I had chosen for my installation. I had worked within the wood workshop before and so already had some of the skills needed to make what I needed. Once the beds were made I realised I had made one mistake with my measurements, which meant that one end of each of the beds was about 4 inches higher. Happily, after assembling my beds in the project space I realised that the slight tilt on the beds created an odd, uneasy and dreamlike quality and so added to the aesthetic that I had originally intended for the piece, and so I kept it.