Unit 2: Interlude

After summer, we began work on the crypt exhibition and on our unit three assessment. The crypt exhibition was a turning point for me and propelled me forwards to begin thinking about new ideas and to experiment with different art forms.

At this point I became more interested in ideas surrounding gender, specifically on the early developmental stages of children within the womb. The uterine space where a child becomes sexed is perhaps the first place that a child/new-born is exposed to gender. This led me to create a film which explored the idea that there could be a baby growing within my belly. The film leads the viewer through my belly button and into my stomach where we find images of foetuses at different developmental stages, it is a journey and exploration on my inner self. The tile #boy#girl came from looking at online pictures posted by expectant parents who tagged their baby scan pictures with the same hashtags. 

Little girl blue-Video, Benjamin Martin, 2017

After receiving feedback about this video during a tutorial, it was suggested that I should further explore the journey into my body and perhaps to try animation. This led me to look at the book Hollywood Flatlands, which has become a key book within my practice.

I went ahead and experimented with different forms of animation, using whiteboard markers, paints, ink and modeling clay to animate images and figures. The resulting film was used for my unit 2 assessment. The discovery of animation as a tool for exploring childhood and gender, and as a space which could potentially be both playful and frightening, was exciting for me. Animation is a kind of uterine space (as stated in Hollywood Flatlands), where the ink has the potential to become anything, to move, and to have life.