Hollywood Flatlands

Esther Lesile, Hollywood Flatlands

first published 2002

This addition, 2004, Verso




The book Hollywood Flatlands was suggested to me during a tutorial and has been a go to book for my practice when it comes to animation. The book explores the early development of animation and what particularly drew my attention was the chapter on Sergei Eisenstein and ‘protoplasmic forms’.

The idea that drawings and animations capture something primal and inspire a primal reaction within humans fed into my own animations. This uterine space, as Eisenstein posits, addressed the developmental stages of humans, from womb to ‘limbed entity’. Of course, this caught my attention as it feeds directly into my interest in childhood and in the psychoanalytical development of children.

Taking this further than animation alone, the idea that art works can be protoplasmic forms which can provoke inherent and primal reactions in the viewer, is something which is constantly on my mind when making work. 

Fantasmagorie, Emile Cohl, 1908