Lewisham art house exhibition 

Interventions was a group show curated by Andrea Coltman over summer 2016. This exhibition brought together a selection of artist from the MFA to show work at the Lewisham art house. During that summer I found it very hard to make work, I was going through a bereavement which was effecting my ability to create. This pared with working from home stunted me, this was shown in the piece I made for Interventions and was also noticed by others.


I wanted to further explore the image of the dead calf as a metaphor for childhood and fragile masculinity. I had a very vivid dream of the image of a calf encased within a tent, with many tubes coming out from it, a sort of sci-fi vision of an animal which was being cryogenically born. This was the vision that I wanted to explore for Lewisham art house.


I began making a wire animal which I then covered in paper and glue, it took the form of the dead calf, but somehow it also became a human body. The making of the object itself was a struggle from the start, it felt clunky and ridged, and there were points where I left it alone for weeks at a time. Once the main structure of the calf was made I began the construction of the tent that surrounded it. This was made from wooden rods which penetrated the calf’s body and covered in a mesh high vis material. One of the main takeaways from this exhibition was the duality between a safe space and unsafe space. May people commented on my work as having this duality and I realised that this is something that I am trying to express.


Skills employed:

  • collaboration

  • curation 

  • working with new materials

  • problem solving