Gender Trouble

Judith Butler’s Gender Trouble has been a hugely influential book in terms of the way I view gender. Within Gender Trouble we find that gender is more fluid than we are led to believe, and that society and indeed science has created binaries within gender which set boundaries for us all.

This book has led to multiple works being created and has led me to look at other practitioners who work within the realms of gender and beyond. It propelled me to look at artist such as Mary Kelly who’s work reflects both on feminism and childhood, and artists such as Louise bourgeois, Cindy Sherman and Eddie Peake, who’s work also deal with identity and gender.

Furthermore, this book has created a domino effect, whereby I have journeyed through other books and journals on gender/identity such as Simone De Beauvoir’s ‘The second Sex’, Readers in Cultural Criticism and Gender, It’s a Queer world by Mark Simpson, and many articles online. All of these have fed both my creativity and drive to create groups such as Agenda, in order to further open conversations around Gender and identity.