[Cara Jean working in the studios]

For the crypt exhibition I was part of the Marketing team. As a team, we oversaw the production of all the PR materials, social media and advertising for the event. My personal contribution to this was setting up and maintaining the social media aspect, creating an event page on facebook and a tumbler for the MFA group which was used as a platform to showcase our work.

One of my ideas for the facebook group was to take pictures of artists working on their art works in the studios at Wimbledon, I felt this would be a successful way to entice our audience and to give them snippets of the work they were going to see.

The logistics of working with in a group can sometimes be difficult, however I feel that as a team we worked very well together, both within our marketing team and within the whole team overall. And although we were split into individual teams, we all helped out were possible in other aspects of the show set up and preparation.