Delving into subjects such as gender, child psychoanalysis and identity, I create narrative driven outcomes which have multi layered meanings and an idiosyncratic standpoint. I find myself drawn to the in between, the place where transformation and turmoil take place, where childhood meets adulthood, where life meets death, where bodies change.

Creating worlds which are both sharp and soft, safe and unsafe, disturbing and comforting, protected and exposed, my work highlights human fragility and exposes imposed and inherent binaries. I am interested in how the social and political shape us from an early age and in how the landscapes that surround us create both physical and psychological scars. What shapes us?

Referencing my own autobiographical history, I investigate personal obsessions, traumas and memories, shaping them in to poetical landscapes which are imbued with metaphor and a sense of the reverie.

Text is an integral part of my practice, it takes on the form of interrogator, story teller or perhaps as a signpost which draws the viewer to a more or less opaque definition of the work. Time based media, painting, performance and sculpture have also been drivers of experimentation